Eulogy for a Summer Sunset

The story behind this poem is pretty much exactly what you would think.When I lived on the prairie, beautiful sunsets were practically de rigueur. In my current location, they tend to be much more rare. There was a spectacular sunset earlier this summer, and I was really bummed not to have my camera ready for it. I guess I decided the best way to deal with that disappointment was to write this. The image I used is of a different, less awesome, sunset that I manipulated and enhanced to get a better image for the one I missed.


Eulogy for a Summer Sunset

Photographs are about capturing moments.

Preserving them for eternity,

or at least one more moment.

What I feel, looking at this beautiful sunset,

I want to return to this feeling again and again.

Put it on and take it off, like my favorite sweater.

If I had my camera I could capture this moment for posterity.

If I had my camera…

This sunset, this feeling,

has already faded away.

Never to return.




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