The Delusion of Dreaming

I was thinking about dreams recently. Specifically, the ones I know are actually impossible. I spend a lot of time trying to encourage myself to try new things, and go after the things I want; sometimes I know that I’m just fooling myself.

The first line of this poem popped into my head one evening when I was out on the town. It wasn’t until the holiday weekend when I had time to sit with it and see what else was there.

Finally, I know that I broke one of the cardinal rules of writing with this one- kill your darlings. I’m such a rebel.


I tell myself, “All things are possible, all my dreams can come true.”

In the mirror, I look myself in the eyes and lie.

My heart knows the truth-

Some of my dreams are impossible,

The ones I keep in the deepest part of me.

The ones I allow myself to dream only in those moments between wakefulness and sleep.

I dream of you.

Do you know that?

When you look at me with your leviathan gaze, are you piercing my secret depths?

My beloved. My impossible dream.

You make me fight harder for my other dreams.

I hope you’ll never know.



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