Screaming in Silence

This poem will be pretty self-explanatory. I have a recurring nightmare that someone is attacking me out on the street. I always think to myself, “This time I’m going to get away. This time, I’m going to scream as loud as I can.” and then, every time, I open my mouth and nothing comes out but a wheeze.

I’m shaken for hours after having this nightmare. My throat usually feels raw too, like I have been screaming; or at least trying to. As far as I know, I don’t actually make a sound. Just like in the nightmare.

Screaming in Silence

Sometimes in the night I dream

Someone is attacking me

I open my mouth to release my scream

And all that comes out is silence.


Carried off into the night

Paralyzed by my fear

I, once again, failed to fight

Or stand strong in defiance.


I wake up, my breath a rasp

My heart is pounding in my chest

My mind still caught in terror’s grasp

From this dream of violence.





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