and We can Dance and be Free

My poetry is mostly about the dark side of my PTSD; it’s been incredibly healing so far to put some of that darkness into words and then let it go.

Out in the physical world, most people who meet me have no idea that I have any of the issues I am so brutally honest about on here. I present as friendly, positive, even sunny. I am all of those things, in fact, I am mostly those things.

My mental health struggles no longer sap all the joy and color from my world. I am about as free as a person with my background and scars can be, I’d say.

On a recent trip to Northerly Island, I was absolutely mesmerized by the Daphne Garden.* Those beautiful statues filled me with a sense of freedom and joy. Knowing the background about them now, it makes sense. My darkest parts make my light shine even brighter.

the wound is the place where the Light enters you- Rumi

This first statue reminds me of the Earth element, she is grounded and strong.

I don’t have much to say about the second statue; she’s beautiful, but she didn’t elicit much feeling from me individually.


The final statue brings to mind Air; more than dancing, she is almost flying.


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They are the most powerful when seen all together. Three metal women, dancing freely and proudly in the sunlight.

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*I need to stay in Chicago for another year, so I’m trying to have as many adventures as possible to scratch that adventure itch. And to make that year go by faster.



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