Artistic Smugness

It was a chilly, rainy morning here. The kind of rainy day where you never know which direction the next gust of wind is coming from, and the rain is actually coming down sideways. It made for a nasty commute.

In honor of National Coffee Day (when did that become a thing, and can it happen more often?) I have had too much coffee. Including the cup I was drinking when I wrote this poem while waiting to go to a meeting.

Artistic Smugness

Stilettos of rain

Stab at miserable commuters

Umbrellas and hoods up

As substantial as paper.

I watch through the window,

Safe and warm and dry.

Mass-produced coffee next to me,

Feeding this smug self-assurance

Of being a “real” artist

At least until

It’s my turn again

To brave those liquid knives.



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