An Ode to an Old Building

I don’t usually write anything other than free-verse. I just had the urge to play with rhyme this time (ha, ha). So many of my poems come from the darker parts of me, this time I just didn’t feel like being quite so serious. Even though it was a beautiful old building, and probably deserves better.

I think the title is honestly my favorite part. Anyway, I’ll put this one under a cut because I don’t want my other poems to feel embarrassed.

An Ode to an Old Building

Every day on my commute,

I pass the same old factory.

It stands alone and destitute,

A monument, satisfactory.

A relic of a bygone age,

My busy mind it does assuage.


One day I see my view transformed,

Half the building has been destroyed.

The remaining walls now seem malformed,

The character I loved, devoid.

The beauty that I took for granted,

Soon enough will be supplanted.


I never took its photograph,

This poem serves as epitaph.




4 thoughts on “An Ode to an Old Building

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