Spiders of the Red Line

I got the idea for this poem while waiting for the red line one night. I was standing by one of the pillars, just watching a couple of huge, beautiful spiders building their webs.

I felt like a should write a short story about them. Something along the lines of “Real Housewives” type stuff. I still might try that someday, but there’s a more immediate story asking to be told.

Instead, please enjoy this spider poem in place of a story I may never get around to writing.

Spiders of the Red Line

All night long it’s work, work, work.

A bug eat bug world,

A real gnat race.


Cepalothorax to the grindstone.

We just keep on weaving,

All through the night.


We spin in a world of giants.

Quietly going about our business,

Unseen and unheard.


And what do we get in the end?

Smashed filigrees and shattered dreams.


Spiders of the red line, unite!

We have nothing to lose but our webs.




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