Every Sunrise Week 8

In my ordinary life, people know me as a kind, cheerful person. Most of them can see that I love being alive in a way best described as ferocious. This was definitely not always the case, I’ve been on the verge of ending things many times over the years.

The ferocious love I have for my life now is relatively new. It feels potentially fragile, but I’ll keep doing everything in my power to keep it alive. It’s so very worth the effort it takes sometimes.

If you’re feeling desperate, alone, anything, please try again. Please call a suicide hotline and talk to someone. Please give yourself another chance. (International) (US) Continue reading




We’re sheltering each other

From a storm of our own making.

We’re guarding each other

From an imaginary threat.

We spread our fingers,

Shrug our shoulders,

And shake our heads-

What else could we do?

Our hearts pounding,

Our blood pumping,

Our pulses racing,

We’re so much more alive

When we’re together.

There’s a storm inside

And we need shelter.

Good Luck

Good Luck

Thank you for your attention-

those of you who paid attention-

To those of you who didn’t;

Good luck.

Good luck to you

Who are traveling for work.

Good luck to you

Who are hoping to win big.

Good luck to you

Who yearn for new adventures.

Good luck to you

Who go to cement your love.

Go luck to you

Who have farther still to go.

Good luck to you

Who are going to new homes.

Good luck to you

Who are going through hell.

Smile on us, Fortuna,

On our shared journey

Through the sky.

At the Gate

At the Gate

Sitting at the gate

Watching the world go by

People jostling each other

Avoiding each other

Flowing around each other;

Water around rocks.

Watching strangers

Make eye contact

And share a smile

At the absurdity.

I can be detached,

My heart full of secrets


Vibrating with desire

For adventure

Until it’s my turn to smile

At someone.

Every Sunrise 7

I’m back from my mini-vacation. I am not well-rested, but it was fun. I have come home to heartbreak though. The days ahead of me hold change, fear, uncertainty, anxiety, as well as joy and freedom (or so I hope).

There was a time when I could not have faced this. There was a time when I would have been desperate to escape these feelings.

If you’re going through a crisis, please know that you don’t have to be alone. If you’re reading this, I love you and I’m rooting for you. Please give yourself another chance. Please call for help. (US) (International)

Now let’s look at some sunrises (including views from my vacation and our first reader-submitted shot!) Continue reading

Quick Update

Hey folks,

In addition to being totally blocked creatively, I’m leaving town for a couple of days and losing access to the blog and its email address. So, there will be no moderation, no new posts, and I won’t respond to any kind of communication.

Please don’t worry- I’m out there thriving!

Lots and lots of love,


Every Sunrise 6

How was your week last week? Mine was… tumultuous. It was intense, it was lovely, it capped off with my having an anxiety attack and lying on the floor sobbing and trying to sing along with my current anthem.

You know what? I wouldn’t give up any of that. Not a minute of it. I almost didn’t make it here, I very nearly took my own life so many times over the years, but I’m still here. It’s been almost three(?) years since my last attempt.

If you’re thinking of giving up, please know that I have been there. That I have nothing but love for you, that I want you to try again more than anything in the world. Please, please try again. I’m here. My readers are here. Help is here: (International) (US) Continue reading

Let’s build a chain of love!

Reblogged from Erika Kind. To me, this chain is for Paris, yes, and Beirut, Baghdad, the Syrian refugees, and everyone suffering from terrorism, oppression, and genocide. I’ll try to make my heart softer today.

Erika Kind

The post of my wonderful blog sis, Ritu, inspired me to this post. Not much words, just a symbol we could pass on and share.

Let’s show the world that there is more light in this world than darkness, more love, tolerance, compassion, and respect than hatred and resentments.

Let’s take each other by the hand and build a chain of love, solidarity, and unity!


I closed the comment section but ask you to share instead.

In Love and Light

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