Vila (Shapeshifter)

I’m changing the format of my poetry posts. I’m a process geek; I love reading about other people’s creative process and talking about my own. However, I respect that I’m probably in the minority. Also, I think there’s something to be said for reading the poem before knowing the story behind it. From now on, I’ll put process talk below the cut and just show the poem.

Vila (Shapeshifter)

I turn my face to the sun

And shed my human skin,

I feel it drop and pool around my feet

An unnecessary garment.


I reach my arms toward the light

The electric prickle

Of my feathers,

Bursting into view.

I find the currents of the wind

And I ride them,


Until I am sated.


My feathers turn to dust

And blow away.


The fur flows over me,

My lightness gives way to strength.

I run on four legs

Swift and sure,

I run until I’m mad

And run until I return to sanity.


I through back my head,

My mane flowing behind me.


Whipping the air around me,

I merge with the currents

No longer bound by flesh,

I dance madly across the land.

I rage forth until I reach it;

The edge of the world.

I take it in

And turn away.

There’s too much left to do.

And be. 

One of my friends has a Goddess Oracle card deck. It’s kind of like Tarot (or maybe it is Tarot, I am ignorant) cards. She’s let me use it twice, the first reading was eerily accurate, the second, Saturday’s, was less obvious.

What ultimately inspired this poem was the card that represented what I needed to experience: Vila of the Forest- a Slavic Goddess who could take many forms. I really don’t understand how to interpret this yet, but I woke up in the middle of the night on Saturday with the first few lines of this poem in my head.

While Vila can take many forms, I chose to write about her falcon, horse, and whirlwind forms in this poem. I want to spend more time thinking about my card reading. If you’re curious about Vila, check her out*. I have a feeling she’ll be the inspiration for more poetry in the near future.

*This directs to the website of the artist who did these cards. Her work is seriously amazing.




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