Strip me down

Peel away my skin

Layer by layer

Plunge deep enough


And you’ll find Her.

My inner creature

Of pure sensation,


A savage slickness

Who takes fierce pleasure-


In despair,

In longing,

In the person-

Just out of reach.

She will be the death of my love,

She will break my cage

She will destroy me

And set me free.

Strip me down

Peel away my skin


I beg you-

Plunge into my depths

And bring Her

Out into the light.


One of the fun tricks PTSD has played on my over the years in my tendency to refuse to acknowledge any part of my body below my neck. Super, super fun.

I’ve gotten to a place, with a lot of work, where I can feel and inhabit most of the surface of my body with relative comfort and ease. It’s only in the past week or two that I’ve been able to connect more interiorly. With my (if you don’t mind my being extremely blunt here) inner erotic nature.

It is both liberating and disturbing, so naturally I need to write about it and publish those thoughts publicly.


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