Into the Crevasse

Into the Crevasse


You blew into my life,

My own private hurricane.

Old and new to me,

You pierce my shell of ice,

You penetrate to the fire inside.

I have no more choices,

I can’t fight this.

I don’t want to.

So I’ll go down

Into the crevasse.


Thoughts of you consume me

Eating away at all the promises I’ve made.

This fire you’ve awakened,

This inner beast,

Demands to be fed.

The harder I try to resist,

The louder it roars.

So I won’t struggle.

I’ll fling myself down

Into the crevasse.


Where does our story end,

My hurricane?

The perfect mate

For my whirlwind.

Do we merge,

Feed one another

And destroy all in our path?

Do we meet,

Slam against each other

Until we’re both blown out?


I ache to know the answer.

I burn for it,

For you,


I can’t stand it.

So I’ll go down

Into the crevasse

And hope to meet you

In the darkness there.

A new source of inspiration has come into my life. I am truly infatuated. For various reasons, I won’t be acting on it, but I’m looking forward to exploring this attraction in my creative works instead. It’s nice to write about a different kind of darkness.

Expect to see more posts about my Hurricane.


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