To Play with Fire

To Play with Fire

I can finally feel

My veins from the inside-



Lifeless blood-

I’ve emptied it out

Flushed it away.

Running freely now,

There’s a fire

Licking through me.

You’re stoking the furnace,


But the fire is mine.

A greedy element,

More selfish than blood,

This flame is gonna take

Everything we are

And it’s gonna want more fuel.

It won’t be satisfied

Until we’re both consumed

Leaving nothing but ashes

To mark where we once stood.

You’re playing with fire,


And we’re both gonna burn.

It is unbelievably glorious to feel a nearly full range of human emotions again. Sometimes all at once. I am overwhelmed by it often. In the past, I would have dissociated again, to escape learning how to deal with it all.

Now it’s just… I’m so glad I’m alive. I’m so glad I feel. And so glad I have space to write again.



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