Every Sunrise 6

How was your week last week? Mine was… tumultuous. It was intense, it was lovely, it capped off with my having an anxiety attack and lying on the floor sobbing and trying to sing along with my current anthem.

You know what? I wouldn’t give up any of that. Not a minute of it. I almost didn’t make it here, I very nearly took my own life so many times over the years, but I’m still here. It’s been almost three(?) years since my last attempt.

If you’re thinking of giving up, please know that I have been there. That I have nothing but love for you, that I want you to try again more than anything in the world. Please, please try again. I’m here. My readers are here. Help is here: (International) (US)







If you have any sunrise photos that you want to share, please get in touch!



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