Unstoppable Forces

Unstoppable Forces

In my mind’s eye

I am the unstoppable force

I set my intention

And I clear my path.

I am the whirlwind

I am the tsunami

I am the wildfire.

You came at me,


And set your force against mine.

There was a pause

In my momentum.


I am the unstoppable force.

I have the strength of a whirlwind

And the heart of a lion.


Holy shit, it was a week last week. I had all the feelings about all the things. I also didn’t sleep for two days, which did not help me feel in control of my own destiny at all.

I’m centered again now, and I feel more like myself. Like I’m back on the right path. It’s kind of scary what can happen when I don’t stuff things down and refuse to feel them.

It felt like I was playing with all the fire I wrote about last week. It’s all in my mind, which is even scarier. But, I will persevere and try not to dissociate again. I have my lion heart, after all.


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