I wear so many faces

These days.

It’s hard to keep track

Of who I’m meant to be.

Am I a lover,

Or a warrior,

Or a force for good,

Or a force of nature?

When I walk through your door

I get to take them off

And wear my own.

My true face.

My real skin.

My messy emotions.

I can be your oncoming storm.

And you can be my hurricane.

It’s really hard for me to trust people. I have such high walls around my heart, even when I want to let people in it’s difficult for me. No surprise, I have a history full of hurt and betrayal by the people I’m supposed to be able to trust (we’ve never even gotten into former lovers on this page, mostly because I want to forget they ever existed).

My therapist is one of the only people I can freely be myself around. That’s part of what I pay her for, after all.

I’m starting to open up to a couple of other people in my life now. Hurricane started it off, but as I am more open with them, it’s easier to be more open with my best friend too. To be really vulnerable with these two people is a huge relief.

This blog set a lot of that in motion. By being able to be vulnerable here, behind my pseudonym, I feel braver about sharing more of myself with my loved ones.

I’d like to thank you all for being here and being a part of that. Thank you!



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