Pulling Down

Pulled Down

You dug your claws into my ankles,

Your hooks into my soul.

I will rip them out

If you will not let go.

For years I have been begging

For kindness and support

You responded with derision

You laughed in my face

And dug in deeper.

I spread my wings to fly

And you yanked me back down

To this special little hell.


I won’t play your game

And I am done

Being pulled down.

I had a pretty important realization about one of my primary relationships today. I see now that this person is not nearly as clueless as they have pretended to be. My poetry is going to reflect more anger again, no doubt.

I’m not very happy with this poem. It starts strong, but I didn’t sit with it long enough. It’s okay, I have lots more Feelings on this subject to work out. I think you’ll see those first 4 lines again.



2 thoughts on “Pulling Down

  1. We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.
    –Kenji Miyazaw

    I don’t know that I understand this the way Kenji Miyazaw meant it. But my interpretation of it gives me a smile and some encouragement.
    Some of your poetry, perhaps, is one way in which you embrace pain and are fueled for the journey.

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