Nothing Left to Fight

If you’re going through hell, keep going… -Winston Churchill

You could walk straight through hell with a smile -The Script, “Hall Of Fame”

Nothing Left to Fight

Where did all my anger go?

The righteous rage that warms me in the night?

Where’s my sure conviction

That I’m absolutely right?

Where’s my Lion heart

That chose me for this fight?


Everything is crumbling

My star is slowly dying

I find myself in free fall

From my attempt at flying.


Everything around me

Turned to ash and dust

A heart once fiercely beating,

Now consumed by rust.


Where, where the warrior?

Where the soldier, brave?

Where the unconquerable woman

Whom she, herself, would save?


Now she sleeps her life away,

Or would if sleep would come.

She’ll live to fight another day

Or else she’s finally come undone.

Yeah, so, life is happening. It’s hard to find the time to write. It’s also hard to feel inspired. Most of my attention is focused on how soon I can move, and whether or not I’ll be able to eat. Good times.

Take care everyone, I hope the rest of you are having an easier time these days!



2 thoughts on “Nothing Left to Fight

  1. The subject is depressing and makes me want to hug you so tightly that I squeeze all the sadness out, but the poem is beautiful with great rhythm and dynamic descriptions.


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