Every Sunrise Week 12

I’m not gonna sugarcoat things. I am in pain right now. I feel like I’m made of glass and all of you are watching me shatter. These are some of the lowest times of my life. I can barely think. Poetry? Forget it.

I move into my new place this week, hopefully once I feel like I have a home again the words will come back.

Despite how horrible I feel right, how scared, I have no reverted to suicidal thoughts. Yes, I am depressed and spending a lot of time escaping online. But I want to live. I want you to live too.

So if you’re having a hard time right now. If things don’t feel survivable, please try again. It’s worth it. Call for help. (International) (US)

It was another seriously gloomy week. Most of the time the sunrises were just the clouds and rain turning a lighter shade of grey. But I saw the sun a couple times. (People in less overcast places, help me out here!)





If you want to submit a sunrise photo, tell your story, or just chat, feel free to get in touch!




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