Every Sunrise Week 13

Hi! So, it’s been a really long time since I posted on this blog. That’s because my personal life has imploded. I am in a lot of pain and felt pretty blocked creatively. I’m ready to come back. Or, if not ready, I’m ready to try.

As always, if you’re having a hard time, please try to keep going. Please reach out and ask for help. It really is worth it. (US) (International)




That’s all I’ve got. Unfortunately, part of my life implosion is that I now live in an apartment where I can’t even see the sky (let alone the sunrise). The effort of getting out of bed and walking to a place where I can catch the sunrise (not to mention getting up early enough to do it) is too much for me right now. So, these posts are going on hiatus.

This has been a real passion project for me, I loved doing it. I regret that it’s come to this. However, this too shall pass.

Lots of love,




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