Not-Love Poem

When you’re no longer in love,

For whatever reason,

You have a look about you.

That starved look.



A look you do not perceive.


For affection.

For love.

Oh, honey,

He just wants to make love

To your bones.

The spaces in between.

That you’re saving

For someone special.

I wrote this recently after attending a concert. The lead singer of the band told the story of a terrible date that she went on. I felt that story immediately, and as I looked around the room, I watched so many other women react in the same way. I noticed one particular woman to my right who looked hollow as she listened, it seemed like I was watching her muscles and fat dissolve until her face was just skin on bone. Watching her face reminded me, viscerally, of how hollow I felt when I was first trying to navigate sex and dating after divorce. How often I felt like I’d been used and discarded. And interchangeable with any other woman. That shit still pisses me off. This poem was born from the anger I felt watching her seemingly go through the same experience.

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