Maggiemorphosis is a writer, photographer, and traveler who spends her free time dancing in the streets and bumming at the beach. She is a trauma survivor learning to thrive.

Once upon a time, writing was my escape from childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect. Then a funny thing happened; as my PTSD got worse, my words went away. When I wasn’t dissociated, I became an expert at hiding in plain sight. I became an invisible girl. I grew into an invisible woman. I tried to do all the things I wanted to do with my life, but I did them while hiding away from the world as much as possible.

Every day I grow stronger and healthier, and my words are starting to come back. I have also discovered a love for photography. So this blog was born; a place for a formerly invisible woman to share her art with those that find it. I am not afraid to be seen any longer.

It is my hope that other invisible people will find this blog, and embrace their own radiant selves.

Unless otherwise specified, all images are my own, with all rights reserved. I have some photos available for other use on my Flickr page.



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